Program Highlights

Oracle Hands-On Labs and Workshops  

Gain insights and deepen your understanding in these two-hour sessions:

  • AI for Core HCM: Roundtable & Hands On Lab
  • Build the Perfect Generative AI-Powered Digital Assistant/Chatbot for Your Business
  • Cloud HCM Adventure: Mobile In Minutes 
  • Extending Oracle Fusion Redwood Apps with Visual Builder 
  • Get Started with Oracle Integration 3 for your E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, and other applications
  • Hands-On-Lab: Rapidly Create an EBS-Ready Landing Zone and Deploy EBS Cloud Manager in Your Tenancy
  • Hit the UX/UI Jackpot: How to Increase the Odds of Stakeholder Success in Oracle HCM Analytics
  • Journeys Jam: Roundtable & Hands On Lab
  • Oracle Learning Cloud Workshop: Course Management Best Practices
  • OCI APM Stack Monitoring fundamentals: Single-pane of glass monitoring of EBS, WebLogic, Oracle Database and Host
  • Redwood/VBS Express:  Roundtable & Hands On Lab
  • Workshop: Oracle Enterprise Command Center (ECC): From Personalization to Extensibility – with Live Demos 


Oracle Customer-Only Roundtables  

Oracle customers, these closed-door roundtables give you the chance to speak frankly with other customers. Choose from: 

  • Cloud Customer Roundtable 
  • Journey to the Cloud 
  • IT Directors Roundtable 
  • HR Directors Roundtable 
  • AI in HR Roundtable 


Women in Technology 

Don't miss these two events highlighting women in technology:

  • Women In Technology - Focus on Leadership
  • Women in Technology Coffee Chat

Ascend Power Hours


Power Hour: AI Insight Exchange

Ascend kicks off with a Power Hour designed to give you a burst of energy and infusion of insights on the hot topic of 2024: the Power of AI. Start your conference in the AI-focused super session of your choice. Leave your super session equipped to exchange insights with attendees who chose the other three sessions, and by day’s end you’ll have a collection of AI insights to propel your thinking on this topic forward.

Power Hour: Power Partners

Kick your connections into high gear when you join the Power Partners Power Hour in the Partner Pavilion. This speed dating, Bingo-style game will leave you with a list of potential partners with expertise in People Solutions, Optimization, Workflow, Efficiency, Risk Management, Human Capital, OCI, User Interaction and Reporting Solutions. There’ll be people to meet, things to learn and prizes to win!

Power Hour: Power Plan

As you wrap up four days packed with insights, ideas and new connections, we’re going to equip you with everything you need to invest in a Power Hour on your own to develop a Power Plan. Whether you do it on your flight home or dedicate a quiet hour back at the office, you’ll be positioned to identify the specific actions you want to take in response to the things you learned at Ascend – and then get them done.

Meet Ups, SIG Sessions and More! 


OHUG Community Meet Ups

Connect with OHUG Communities: Cloud HCM, PeopleSoft HCM, EBS HCM, and Taleo.      


OATUG SIG Sessions

Connect and learn in OATUG Special Interest Group educational sessions.  

Oracle EBS Executive Forum and EBS Customer Focus Groups 

EBS customers, be sure to check out the E-Business Executive Forum and other special events led by Oracle at Ascend.


Attendees in 2023




Events & Sessions